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Higher quality, lower cost.

With our leading marketing strategies and our personal approach, every company wins.

The prices

Find the perfect plan.

Flexible pricing options for companies looking to upgrade.

Below you will find our monthly packages, available for purchase after you begin with us. At Unnamed Project, we pride ourselves on our transparency and fair pricing. We are committed to providing the best value for our quality services, ensuring that you receive premium results at an honest price. Due to high demand for our services, we do not accept everyone as a client. We carefully select our clients to ensure that we can truly achieve success for those we work with.


Because it can be better.


per month

Core Features :

  • Website with perfect foundation for google SEO

  • Registration forms for inquiries and leads

  • Maintenance and keeping the Websites and Plugins online

  • Provider hosting

  • SSL Certificate

  • Integration with social media

  • Support from Unnamed Project team (whatsapp or email)


Ready for the next step.


Per month

Everything from Standard, Plus:

  • Local SEO (Google my business)

  • Webshop + automations

  • Keyword optimization 

  • Monthly meeting

  • Account manager

  • No Unnamed Project Banner


Taking over the market.


Per month

Everything from Advanced, Plus:

  • SEO for Big Companies

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Content Creation

  • Competitive analysis

  • Succes Manager

  • In person meetings


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I see the results of Unnamed Project's marketing?
    As an entrepreneur it is of course good to have insight into the active marketing campaigns. We have a call every month about how the campaign is going and what our vision is for the coming month (depending on the package you have purchased). Every customer of ours has access to a personal statistics dashboard, where you can view all your current marketing data so that you can celebrate each achieved goal appropriately :)
  • Why should I use Unnamed Project instead of hiring someone to do the marketing?
    Compared to an employee with a broad knowledge of marketing, we are a full team with all experienced experts, all of whom are specialists in specific areas of marketing. Whether this concerns professional photo and video content or ensuring that Tiktok campaigns reach millions of people. We have someone who can perform this properly on every service. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, offering skills you can't replicate in-house.
  • How much involvement is required from my company?
    That's a good question that we usually tackle in the first conversation. Every company is different and therefore it is difficult to say how much involvement we need from you.
  • Does my business really need marketing?
    That's the only promise I can make to anyone. Every business needs marketing, whether digital or physical.
  • Are all those strategies really necessary?
    Marketing strategies are essential for any business, because strategies help ensure that the goals are achieved and that we can properly measure the approach.

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