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As the owner of Justina Massage, I can confidently say that my partnership with Unnamed Project has been an absolute gamechanger for my business. At first I was a bit skeptical, mainly because I was used to using ads without the desired response. But thanks to Unnamed Project, I can now proudly be found at the top of Google under the search term 'massage The Hague' - a search that is performed by more than 6,000 people every month!

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Unnamed Project find the right target audience

Make sure your product/service reaches the right target group.

Because paying for disinterested customers is a waste.


Let our services take your business to a New level.

A team of marketers without the risks.

Our basic package is aimed at giving your emerging or starting company unparalleled exposure. You can leave everything to us, from strategizing to video/photo capture, we'll make it happen, done right.

Unnamed Project grow your business


Social Media Marketing

Our services results your customers.

Video & Photo content

Email marketing

Get the online presence of your dreams for less than a Renault Twingo.

Because we often work closely with companies from all sectors, we know how essential a website is in this day and age. Offices are replaced by domains, POS systems with cash drawers are replaced by contactless card readers, and being active on social media is the new way of handing out flyers. Because we know that it can sometimes be too much for a company to arrange everything properly and ensure that the business runs smoothly, help is always welcome. Coincidentally, we offer the right help. 


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