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Our basic package.

All-in-one marketing and a web design package that outperforms other providers.

What makes the basic package so unique?
Branding. Targeting. Personal.





Unnamed Project is the best marketing agency for companies that want to grow in sales, traffic, and customers. It is common knowledge that online presence is essential in this day and age, yet we see that many companies do not know how to make good use of the possibilities. After a small search on Google, the average entrepreneur is already shocked. A website with original content can cost thousands of euros. That is precisely why we have put together our basic package with everything you need to gain online brand awareness.

Leave your marketing, web design, content, and branding to us.

Price of our Add-Ons

Below you will find the prices of our add-ons. For the prices of our web design service, click here.



So that customers recognize you.



  • 4 high-quality logos

  • A Brandbook with many extras

  • Color palette

  • Typography guidelines

  • How to use your logo guide

Content Creation

Make content that matters


Starting at

  • 4k Video and Photo content 

  •  Drone content for Unique footage

  • Content for TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram

  • Commercials for social media or tv

  • Masterclass type of videos available


Step further

Make every word matter

Customized price

  • Video Content for optimal conversion

  • Photo content for more engagement

  • On-page SEO so that google loves you

  • Off-page SEO so that customers  find you

  • Proofread, spell check and sentence structure check

  • Copywriting

Which companies 
prefer to use

All companies are, of course welcome to work with Unnamed Project, but the following people and companies prefer to work with us.

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No hidden costs

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