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Why Our Nomination for the European Search Awards Matters a lot to us.

Giomero Brand in 2021
Giomero Brand in 2021 at the start of UP

Unnamed Project The Start

Giomero Brand, founder of Unnamed Project, recognized a significant gap in the marketing strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises. While large companies were heavily investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and thereby achieving considerable online visibility and growth, smaller businesses relied heavily on paid advertisements through Google Ads and social media. This observation led Giomero to reflect on how essential and transformative SEO can be, even for smaller players, and how it often was an overlooked aspect of their marketing strategy.

A Revolutionary Approach to SEO

In response, Giomero launched Unnamed Project, with the goal of making advanced SEO strategies accessible to those companies that would benefit most from a solid online presence. Unnamed Project distinguishes itself by not just spending a couple hours per month on SEO, as many larger agencies do, but by providing intensive and ongoing attention to the SEO needs of its clients.

The agency charges a rate significantly below the market standard of €2500 (as reported by industry experts WebFX) even though their quality is noticeably higher. They lower the barrier for smaller companies. This rate plan will remain in effect until the end of 2024, allowing smaller enterprises to benefit from top-tier SEO without the financial burdens typically demanded by bigger names.

The Impact of SEO on SMBs

The results of this approach are clearly visible: clients of Unnamed Project experience significant improvements in their online visibility and traffic, which directly contributes to their business growth. Many of these companies have been able to invest in expansions, new product lines, or even strengthening their local presence thanks to improved SEO. The nomination of Unnamed Project for the European Search Awards is a testament to their success and commitment. It shows that even without the resources of large companies, strategic and well-executed SEO can be a game-changer for any business.This approach, focused on long-term results and genuine growth, not only reflects Giomero's vision but also the core values of Unnamed Project: accessibility, quality, and delivering measurable results for every business, big or small.

Unnamed Projects SEO succes

Outperforming Big Players in Local SEO

This nomination is particularly meaningful because it involves a project where we helped an independent massage therapist achieve leading positions on Google with the keyword ‘massage Den Haag’. This success story is a perfect example of how our dedicated approach and deep understanding of SEO enable smaller entrepreneurs to compete with—and beat—larger companies and chains. It is a testament to the potential of targeted, well-executed SEO and the impact it can have at the level of individual entrepreneurs.

These achievements not only underline our skills and commitment but also reinforce our belief in the power of SEO as an essential tool for business growth, regardless of the size of the business. This journey within the European Search Awards further inspires us to continue innovating, pushing, and providing our clients with nothing less than the best in digital marketing.

The Importance of Targeted Cold Calls

At Unnamed Project, cold calling is not just a sales technique; it is a fundamental part of our business philosophy. Giomero Brand and his team choose to proactively approach companies that they are confident they can help. This approach allows them to build relationships with clients who can benefit most from their expertise. By directly engaging with potential clients, Unnamed Project can identify specific needs and offer customized solutions that create real value. This method ensures that each collaboration begins with a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and challenges, leading to more effective and impactful SEO strategies.

The Value of a European Search Awards Nomination

The nomination for the European Search Awards is not only a recognition of our hard work but also a testament to the effectiveness of our unique approach in the SEO world. These awards are seen as one of the most prestigious acknowledgments within the European digital marketing industry, and the fact that Unnamed Project, a relatively young and small team, is nominated speaks volumes. It demonstrates that even without the resources of large conglomerates, smaller teams can achieve extraordinary results through smart, customer-focused strategies.

Thank you, sincerely thank you!

As we conclude this milestone, we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the clients, partners, and supporters who have contributed to our journey so far. Without your trust, support, and willingness to embark on new paths with us, this nomination would not have been possible. Every project, every campaign, and every successful SEO strategy is a testament to the strong relationships we have built. Your feedback, trust, and ongoing support are the true drivers behind our continual urge to innovate and improve.

Looking to the future, this nomination is just the beginning. We are more determined than ever to raise the bar even higher and to refine and expand our services. Our future efforts will continue to focus on demystifying SEO and making high-quality digital marketing accessible to every business, large or small. We are excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to reaching new heights together with you, our valued clients and partners.


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